Explore the Potential of Edge Computing and Data Collection 

Learn how to easily extract production data for Industry 4.0 applications

The Workshop

Edge Computing and Data Collection for Industry 4.0 with the 4ZeroBox

We designed this workshop to teach maintenance operators, programmers, and system integrators how to connect heterogeneous industrial machines, along with various apparatus and sensors. This way they can easily extract production data for Industry 4.0 applications.

By joining our workshop, your company, and your development team could easily acquire both practical and theoretical knowledge on some of the most important topics in the Industry 4.0 world of today.

The workshop is divided into four, two-hour sections. Each one dedicated to a different aspect of integrating and using Industry 4.0 machinery.

It will also feature a hands-on section, where participants will get a chance to work with the 4ZeroBox – a versatile data acquisition unit, programmable in hybrid Python/C.

Finally, the whole workshop will be recorded, for later consultation and education.

  • Date: end of October
  • Time: 4 pm, CET

Hands-on Experience at Home

We will send you all the necessary hardware

Even though the workshop is online, we think that it’s important for all the participants to try out all the equipment for themselves. There’s nothing like taking all that information and lessons and bringing it to life.

That is why we will be sending all the participants of the workshop the necessary hardware to recreate the projects at home.

Also, the whole workshop will be recorded. If you decide to apply, you will be able to access the information at any time.

Table of Contents

The workshop is divided into four modules. Each module is two hours long.

1. Industrial IOT fundamentals

  • Basic I-IOT architectures: OT vs IT networks, Industrial network configuration, gateway and sensor nodes in I-IOT
  • Zerynth introduction: Zerynth intro, conceptual model and getting started 

2. Interfacing with Industrial machines

  • Digital Protocols: how-to use the 4ZeroBox for acquiring data from industrial machines endowed with digital interfaces
  • Analog interfaces for retrofit: How to use the 4ZeroBox for acquiring data using sensors plugged in retrofit mode on analog ports of legacy industrial machines 

3. Edge data processing

  • Python basics for edge data analysis: basic steps in processing acquired data directly on the 4zerobox 

4. Cloud and integration with BI tools

  • Fundamentals of data and device managements: how to deploy, manage and orchestrate fleet of 4zeroboxes and other IOT devices for the management of complex IOT architectures
  • Data Visualization: How to connect the system with data analysis and visualization tools like Microsoft Power Bi integration and Grafana

Workshop Tools

The workshop includes the material listed below


4ZeroBox, a versatile data acquisition unit, programmable in hybrid Python/C thanks to the Zerynth OS. 4ZeroBox is ideal as a machine-to-cloud interface to plug into old and modern industrial machines. Learn more about the 4ZeroBox.


TT 50-SD

TT-series opening-type current sensor, designed for electronic measurement of alternating current.


A USB to UART converter cable that has RS485 level UART signals. The USB connection has a built-in, small circuit board.


Carel temperature control cable – a passive NTC temperature probe that has a length of 15mm and a diameter of 6mm.

MMPSA 240/100 + MMPSM

An Assemtech reed switch rectangular 400V – Dimensions: 20 x 14 x 7mm

Join the workshop

Now that you’ve learned everything about the workshop you can apply!

Learn from the industry experts. Expand your knowledge about edge computing and data collection for Industry 4.0. Get hands-on experience in connecting heterogeneous industrial machines, along with all sorts of accompanying sensors and equipment.

The application deadline is October TK.