Luigi F. Cerfeda, our Head of Sales, was just interviewed by Tecnologia&Innovazione, one of Italy’s top tech magazines. He talked about solving problems in the industry 4.0, and how Zerynth works out the issues related to the collection of data from machines and industrial environments. Of course, the 4ZeroPlatfrom was at the center of this conversation.

Tecnologia&Innovazione reveals the most important technological innovations in the Italian industrial and business setting. It maps the development processes of Italian companies, giving information from various sectors, such as food and beverage, furniture, and automation. We’re more than happy to be featured in the magazine, especially since it gives us an opportunity to present our solutions to a wider audience.

4ZeroPlatform in Tecnologia&Innovazione

When you open the magazine, head over to page 107, and you’ll get to the article about the 4ZeroPlatfrom. Keep in mind that the article is in Italian, as well as the rest of the magazine. So, if don’t speak Italian, you can always use Google translate.

Here’s what Luigi had to say about our toolset and the state of the industry:

Industry 4.0 is a necessary perspective for companies who want to remain competitive on a constantly evolving market. However, the transition to Industry 4.0 scares companies, because they often don’t have the right skills needed to face the technological and infrastructural challenges that derive from it.

Zerynth provides a plug-and-play solution for the acquisition, processing, and reporting of data for companies that want to obtain full visibility and optimization for industrial processes. In particular, our solution, called 4ZeroPlatform, is composed of an electronic data acquisition unit (4ZeroBox) and a software system (4ZeroManager) that manages the devices and aggregates the data collected, and connects them to various Cloud services.”

Read the full article in the Tecnologia&Innovazione, to learn what else Luigi had to say.

More about the 4ZeroPlatform

4ZeroPlatform is a platform designed for Industry 4.0 solution providers, and thanks to its versatility, it can be adapted to any industrial context.
4ZeroPlatform is composed of 4ZeroBox and 4ZeroManager.

  • 4ZeroBox, a versatile data acquisition unit, programmable in hybrid Python/C thanks to the Zerynth OS. It is ideal as a machine-to-cloud interface to plug into old and modern industrial machines.
  • 4ZeroManager, a Cloud or “on-premise” system for device and data management service for organizing, monitoring, and remotely updating connected devices at scale. It also integrates with ERP, MES, and BI tools.

The 4Zerobox is powered by the Zerynth OS, allowing to program the 4ZeroBox applications in Python and C.

Small and medium business 4.0

In the following article in the Tecnologia&Innovazione magazine, Daniele Mazzei, our co-founder, and Chief Innovation Officer, also gave an interview. He focused on the task of digitization, which most small and medium businesses are now handling.

Daniele is in the perfect position to offer his opinion on this matter. As he’s involved in both the academic world, with his teaching and research at the Computer Science department of the University of Pisa, and in the industry, as the CIO of Zerynth. He is an assistant professor Human Machine Interface and Social Robotics at the university, and he’s focused on the interaction between humans and machines, as well as on how to improve systems and interfaces that allow humans and machines to interact.

You can read the full article on page 110 of Tecnologia&Innovazione. We recommend you download the PDF version, for the best reading experience.

If you want to see what else Daniele has to say, you can read his articles on our blog. Learn about emotional human-robot interaction, indoor people tracking, the future of industry 4.0, and more.

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