XinaBox has a new kit for the Internet of Things in store, and it’s Zerynth powered.  The XK13 IoT Kit Plus is a sequel to the popular XK12 IoT kit that we wrote about last year.

XinaBox is famous for its modular hardware – the xChips. They include cores/CPUs, sensors, power, communication, output, and storage boards, that are connected without wires and soldering.

You are probably wondering how they are connected then. Well, there are basically two rules: the xChips need to face the same way, and you need to make sure you can read the names of the xChips from the same side. Take a look at the image:

The new XK13 IoT Kit Plus consists of the following:

  • AH01 – SHA-256 Hardware Encryption (ATECC508A)
  • CW02 – Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Core (ESP-WROOM-32) – based on ESP-WROOM-32 by our partner Espressif Systems.
  • IP01 – USB Programming Interface (FT232R)
  • OC03 – Relay Out (PCA9554A)
  • OC05 – Servo Driver (PCA9685 & BU33SD5)
  • SG33 – VOC and eC02 Sensor (CC811)
  • SH01 – Capacitive Touch Sensor (CAP1296)
  • SL06 – Gesture and Proximity Sensor (APDS-9960)
  • SU02 – Universal Digital Input (ADC081C021)
  • SW01 – Advanced Weather Sensor (BME280)
  • Two XC10 – 10-Pack xBUS Connectors
  • Zerynth Starter FreeRTOS license

If you’re familiar with its predecessor, you’ll notice that it features some additional xChips, like the OC05 Servo Driver or the SL06 Gesture and Proximity Sensor. With a kit like this, you could build a prototype in hours, with no additional equipment.

Of course, just like last time, you’ll have a Zerynth license straight from the box. All you need to do is enter a voucher code during the registration phase of the device. You can find more information on how to redeem the coupon here.

XinaBox voucher code Zerynth License

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Of course, if you have a project with Zerynth and the XinaBox xChips, please share it with us on social media.

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