Elettronica In, the prestigious Italian electronics magazine will feature a story on Zerynth, and we are about to give you a sneak peek.

The article they are about to publish is based on one of our most popular tutorial out there – “Python on ESP32”, where we show how to program in Python a board based on ESP32 by Espressif Systems, using Zerynth tools. So, we are sure that it’s going to grab the attention of all the Python enthusiasts out there.

Remember the days before everything was on the internet, and you would wait for your favorite magazine to come to the newsstands so you can read about all the latest trends and innovative solutions. There’s something really special in seeing things in print, it’s hard to compare it to anything else. It’s enough to say that we’re very happy to see Zerynth tools and solutions in one of the best electronics magazines out there.

The October issue hits the stands in a couple of days, so if you’re in Italy, make sure to get a copy.

More about Eletronica In

Elettronica In is a monthly magazine dedicated to applied electronics and electronic design. It is part of the Futura Elettronica (Futura Group srl), who as you know is one of the sponsors of The Things Conference Italy that Zerynth is hosting.

If you would like to subscribe to the Eletronica In magazine, follow this link, and you’ll find options for a yearly plan.

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