One of the best ways to feel successful is to see other people using your products and solutions. That way you know that it has value, you know that it’s being used somewhere in the world.

That’s how we felt when we saw TOI’s blockchain solution the other day. They have made a Blockchain-based tracking system that monitors the shipments of goods. It’s a highly practical system that provides security to this field.

Product traceability was becoming a huge problem lately, and we can say that their solution handled it really well, providing real-time data and solutions. So, read on to find out how it works.

How does it work

The system uses two technologies: Ethereum Smart Contracts and Zerynth. More precisely, they have used our Ethereum blockchain library to program the microcontroller on the 4ZeroBox (the heart of their solution). For more information about the Ethereum library, visit the Zerynth docs page.

So, the whole system works like this – first the 4ZeroBox (the Zerynth powered industrial microcontroller-based board) collects the data from the sensors, and then generates, sings and sends transactions to Ethereum Smart Contracts. This means that the device is independent of any central servers, so all the parties in one supply chain get to trust it.

The second part of the process is the 4ZeroManager, that tracks the shipment, plots the sensors readings history, and allows the customer to pay the final shipment price.

It’s pretty clear by now that the combination of Python and blockchain technology is bringing truly innovative and practical solutions to the world.

To learn more, and read the whole article, visit this page.

Python on microcontrollers for Blockchain and IoT applications

If you want to dig deeper into the whole Python and Blockchain combination, check out our Zerynth Academy article that explains how the Zerynth Ethereum library allows microcontrollers to generate and sign Ethereum transactions. And all that in just a few lines of Python.

More about TOI

TOI (Thing on Internet) is a company whose main mission is simplifying the design and development of Industrial IoT. They provide a plug-and-play data gathering, processing, and reporting solution for small and large enterprises. Their most famous product up to date is the 4ZeroBox, a machine-to cloud-interface that can be plugged into both modern and older industrial devices.


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