The AWS channel on Twitch just published a video that discusses how to build IoT apps with AWS and Zerynth. The main focus is on what the combination of AWS and Zerynth tools has to offer.

It’s the sixth episode on the “IoT All The Things” video series. This particular episode has two speakers. One of them, Steve Borsay, has deep knowledge and understanding of AWS, since he’s the author of the popular Udemy course with the same topic as the video.

The video teaches you how to get started with inexpensive hardware and connect it to the Cloud, goes on to explain the firmware, and finishes with some end-to-end applications.

Explore AWS IoT with Zerynth – Udemy course

Udemy Course - Explore AWS IoT with Zerynth

Over 3,300 people have already taken this Udemy course. The full title of the course is “Device to AWS Cloud integration: Programming Embedded Devices and managing data in AWS IoT”. 

To start the course you’ll need some basic knowledge of IoT and device to Cloud communication.

FOTA updates over AWS powered by Zerynth

We also wanted to remind you how easy it is to remotely update the firmware of embedded devices with AWS and Zerynth. We have a detailed post on Zerynth Academy. 

It explains how to get started with FOTA updates for AWS that guides you through the whole process, until you have uploaded new firmware over-the-air to your ESP32 device.

Download Zerynth Studio

Download Zerynth Studio and start your own IoT project today. Zerynth Studio is free to download and available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Before you start the project, you can also check out why Zerynth is recommended by Espressif Systems as firmware toolkit for ESP32.

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