In the last couple of years, manufacturing has been transforming and evolving, mostly due to remote monitoring solutions. Production facilities all over the world have taken up IoT as a way to increase productivity, cut costs, and make better-informed decisions.

While remote monitoring and operating have been recognized as important in the past, it was during 2020 that everyone was pushed to enable it within their organizations. Safety became the top priority.

But what most companies lacked was knowledge on how to implement remote monitoring and optimization. This was especially true for small and medium-sized companies. This is why our versatile industrial IoT platform allows for an easy digital transformation, in a fast and secure way.

Thanks to the Zerynth IoT Platform and our efficient team, Armal was not only able to remotely monitor their production, but also to modernize their entire workflow.

The problem – wasteful energy consumption

To begin with, the biggest energy consumption issue was their legacy production machinery.

Moreover, after our initial review of their production plant, we saw that another problem Armal had was that it used a tremendous amount of energy on lighting and cooling systems in the plant. So, we decided to take that into account for the final solution.

The solution – remotely monitored and optimized production

One of the power consumption dashboards

For the solution, we presented Armal with four different dashboards that offered information about the status of their machines, the amount of energy they were consuming, and comparisons of current data and historical data.

The Zerynth Device Manager manages all the connected devices, stores the collected data, organizes the devices by workspace, and more.

What were the results?

Through our collaboration, Armal was able to digitize 20 year old production machines that were still in good condition – they just needed to be retrofitted.

Not only was the production machinery updated, but we also enabled real-time monitoring of power consumption for the lighting and refrigeration systems of the entire building; thereby, bringing the expenses for the lighting in the production area down by 30%.

If you would like to learn more about this case study, visit the official page.

4ZeroBox installed at the Armal production facility

Remote monitoring with Zerynth

To learn more about industrial process monitoring and optimization, take a look at our use case page. If you think that we are the right fit for your company, don’t hesitate to schedule a demo.

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