The Codemotion Python codding challenge ends soon, so hurry up and sign up. Prove you’re the best Python developer and win the XinaBox XK13 IoT Plus development kit.

The challenge ends on Sunday, June 30th.

If you love developing in Python, and you want to see how good you are, test your skills in the challenge. Who knows, maybe you’ll win the first prize.

Sign up for the challenge here.

Win the XK13 IoT Plus development kit

As we mentioned above, the first prize is the new XinaBox XK13 IoT Plus Kit. A Zerynth-powered kit designed to drastically cut down your development time. Since the Zerynth license is already on board, you can start programming right out of the box!

XinaBox XK13 Python Zerynth imageHere’s one hint, before you start the challenge: both Python 2 and Python 3 can be used to solve the problem.

How about the other prizes?

The second prize is the Xinabox XK03 development kit  (Raspberry Pi 3b+ included.) As you can see, the XK03 is a Raspberry Pi development kit, with XinaBox’s modular sensors for weather, hand gestures, proximity, acceleration/movement, volatile and organic gases, as well as capacitive touch.

The third prize is a ticket for the Codemotion Conference (in Berlin or Madrid or Milan).

Download Zerynth Studio

Practice your Python skills, and download Zerynth Studio today. Zerynth Studio is free to download and available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

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