We have prepared another featured post selected from our Zerynth Continuous Learning webinar about UX design for IoT projects.

Since the webinar is over one hour long, we thought it would be useful to present some key points from it in the form of a post, accompanied by a video snippet from the webinar. This time, we will focus on the emotional experience that good design can offer.

Emotions during the interaction with products

When a user is interacting with the product we want them to feel delighted and at ease. Those are the two main things.

If the user feels even a tiny bit of frustration, you can be sure that your design is wrong.

This is not different for UX design in IoT projects. As Daniele says it the video:

When the UX design process has been done well, we will have a product that brings our user towards a pleasurable experience. So, you will feel well while using this product. Vice versa – wrong design brings frustration, irritation, and a negative mindset.”

And so, in turn, if you have a positive emotion after you’ve interacted with the product (be it software or hardware) you will continue to use that product.

Always remember that, for a company, that is doing software as a service, one of the most important things is customer retention,” says Daniele.

Watch the whole webinar

Of course, you can always watch the whole webinar, on our YouTube channel.

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