Do you want to learn how to connect your ESP32 to the Cloud with Zerynth Studio? There’s a two-part tutorial on the LeMaRiva tech blog that you need to see.

It’s a detailed, step-by-step guide that’s really easy to follow. All you need to get started with it is Zerynth Studio and ESP32 DevKitC.

Sending data to the Cloud

The first part of the tutorial will teach you how to use Zerynth Studio to successfully send data to the Cloud, more precisely to Google IoT Core.

This is also separated in two sections – one explains how to install Zerynth Studio and program the ESP32 to connect to the Google IoT Core, and the other one explains how to configure Google IoT Core to receive the data.

Click here to see the first part of the tutorial.

Getting data from Smart Power Outlets

The second part of the tutorial shows you how to get data from the smart power outlets and send it to the Google Cloud Platform (through Google IoT Core).

If you have any questions for the author of the tutorial, you can leave a comment and start a conversation. His name is Mauro Riva, and he has been developing solutions for industry 4.0, hardware and software for data acquisition, micro-services for data analytics, and more.

Mauro decided to use Zerynth Studio because of his love of Python. Originally, he wanted to use MicroPython but it doesn’t support JSON Web Token (JWT) (which is needed for the device authentication). So he tried to write a library himself – until he found Zerynth.

“I tried to write the library myself, but it didn’t work, because of the needed dependencies and the small memory available on the ESP modules. But, I found Zerynth. Zerynth supports JWT and using it, it is possible to connect the ESP32 directly to the Google IoT Core.”

You can learn more about Mauro on his About me page.

Zerynth – Google IoT Core library

Last year we integrated support for Google IoT Core, to help developers program and connect their devices to the Cloud in just a few minutes. Our Zerynth – Google IoT Core library provides various code examples, which you can check out in the Zerynth Docs.

15 lines of Python to connect to the Cloud

We have recently published an article on how to connect your device to the Cloud in only 15 lines of Python.

The example we showed is sending temperature data to the Cloud. You can check it out here.

Download Zerynth Studio

All you are left to do now is download Zerynth Studio and start programming. Zerynth Studio is free to download and available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

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