We plan to make this Embedded World the best one yet. That is why we have decided to collaborate on a demo with Cypress.

We will be focusing on the PSoC 6 microcontrollers. Since it’s well known that they are able to interface to virtually any analog or digital sensor. Of course, with their ultra-low-power, there’s no need to choose between power and performance.

You’ll get to see the result of our collaboration first hand if you visit us at this year’s Embedded World.

Python on PSoC 6 demo at Embedded World 2019

As we’ve mentioned in one of our previous posts, the Zerynth team will be hosted at the RS Components stand, at the Embedded World in Nuremberg. And that is where one half of our new demo will be happening. Two Cloud dashboards are the key elements of this demo. One on the RS Components stand (where the Zerynth team will be), and one on the Cypress stand.

Let’s explain the whole project in more detail.

Both dashboards will be showing temperature and humidity readings that the PSoC 6 boards we programmed in Python have picked up. PSoC 6 acts as the host MCU for a certified module based on one of Cypress wireless combo solutions providing 802.11n Wi-Fi and dual-mode Bluetooth.

On each PSoC 6 Pioneer Kit, there will be a CapSense® (capacitive sensing) button which serves a special purpose. Pressing it will trigger a Blockchain transaction, to store temperature and humidity information. This explains how to use a blockchain for secure communication.

Visitors can scan a QR code on the dashboard that leads to all the technical details of the blockchain transactions.

It will look something like this:

Since our team will be at the RS Components stand, right next to the demo, feel free to talk to us. Ask how we accomplished this. Trust us, we’ll be more than happy to explain. Until then, take a look at the PSoC 6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit we’ll be using in the demo:

You’ll see that with Zerynth and Cypress, it’s quite easy to connect boards to the Cloud, and secure the information with Blockchain.

Find us at the RS Components stand at Hall 3A, booth 439, and visit Cypress at Hall 4A Booth 148.

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