Did you watch our Zerynth Live Support Session last week? We have prepared a small featured video from it, where our software developer, Karim, explains how to use the D12 Analog Input on the ESP32 DevKit C.

Considering that this last Live Support Session was over 40 minutes long, we thought it would be useful for everyone to have a smaller section featured here on the blog, and explained further.

ADC converter

One of our users was trying to use the analog input on the ESP32 DevKit C. So, of course, Karim first goes into explaining what an ADC converter is.

If you take a look at the video, you’ll see how easy our ADC converter is to use:

Then, he goes on to talk about the importance of the default sampling frequency, and how this value may be different for each board you use. 

To learn how Karim solved the problem of our user, watch the whole video.

You can also watch the whole Live Support session, at any time, on our YouTube channel.

Zerynth Live Support

We have Zerynth Live Support sessions almost every week. During this global crisis, where most of us are staying at home and trying to stay productive, we wanted to offer our users, and the embedded community, a way to communicate with us, and learn new things at the same time. 

So, every week, we take 5 of the most interesting questions our users have asked on the Forum, and we answer them during a live session on the Zerynth YouTube channel. 

If you have a question about our tools, or you need help, don’t hesitate to tell us about it on the Forum. 

Subscribe to our YouTube channel

If you’re not subscribed to our YouTube channel you’re missing a lot of great content. It’s not just the Live Support sessions that we’re offering – we also have an educational webinar program called Zerynth Continuous Learning. For this first webinar, Daniele Mazzei, our Co-founder, and Chief Innovation Officer talked about User Experience design in the context of IoT.

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