DesignSpark just published a tutorial for using Zerynth Studio on the Cypress PSoC6 kit. It was only last month that we added it to our supported devices, and now everyone is talking about it.

Ever since Zerynth Studio become a part of the DesignSpark community, more and more people have been interested in it and wanted to learn more.

We can’t blame them. The advantages of Zerynth tools are many and various. From the fact that it’s free to download and very easy to use, to the tiny footprint and integrated RTOS.

Combine that with Cypress’ PSoC6 kit and you get a truly powerful toolset.

Or as the DesignSpark article puts it:

The combination of Cypress PSoC and Zerynth middleware provides a powerful platform for rapid IoT development, that benefits from advanced hardware capabilities, Python ease-of-use and expansive ecosystem, a real-time O/S with multithreading, cloud integration, and OTA updates.

Installing Zerynth Studio on Linux

The first thing you’ll notice in the DesignSpark tutorial is that the initial steps teach you how to install Zerynth Studio on Linux.

If you don’t have Zerynth Studio installed yet, or you want to install in on Linux, then this is the article for you.

Download Zerynth Studio

Download Zerynth Studio today! It’s available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, and free. Now that you know how to install it on Linux, with the help of the DesignSpark article, start using it right away.

Happy coding!

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