Traent, an Italian startup focused on empowering businesses and people, held an event called “The digital road to sustainability”. The goal of the event was to tell the stories of working in Industrial IoT from the perspective of Italian CTOs, who started their journey from university.

Our CTO, Giacomo Baldi, and Chief Innovation Officer, Daniele Mazzei joined the talk and shared their perspective on working in industrial IoT, meeting at the University of Pisa, and starting Zerynth together.

From university to founding a company

This is what our CTO Giacomo Baldi had to say about that particular path:

In my opinion, what I see is that universities do a very good job in preparing people technically. We have a lot of talents from the University of Pisa that work in Zerynth. But what they don’t have, and what is very difficult to transfer to them once they work in a company, is a way of thinking of their work as not only technology. I mean we are a company that makes products – everyone must have a relationship with customers, must think in terms of what we are going to do in a road map in the next 6 months, who is my user, how will he interact with my product, what can I do to make it better, and so on.

CTO digital road to sustainability

Watch the full event

If you would like to hear more, and learn from industry experts, watch the full video:

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