Would you like to learn how you can get started with the ZM1-DB IoT development board and the Zerynth Cloud in just 5 minutes?

If you watch this exciting new video tutorial we prepared for you, you will be able to create your first IoT project, and connect it to the Cloud with just a few simple steps.

The video is a good overview of the ZM1-DB’s main features, as well as how you can expand its functionality with Zerynth expansion boards.

Our IoT Application Engineer, Ugo Scarpellini, is your presenter.

More about the ZM1-DB 

The ZM1-DB is the hardware brain of our product line. A versatile, industrial-grade development board featuring the ZM1 IoT module (a 32-bit dual Core MCU).

The board has an integrated ATECC608A crypto element, WiFi and Bluetooth BLE support, a 9 to 36V input power supply, a MicroSD card slot, Ethernet support, and much more.

It runs on Zerynth OS – an easy to use, multithreaded Python development environment.

The Zerynth Cloud – a complete IoT platform

Zerynth Cloud is a complete platform designed for IoT applications. As you saw in the video, you can manage IoT devices, store and visualize data and gain insights from a single interface.

Access your IoT devices, data, and reports anytime, anywhere on the cloud, from any device, in a secure and easy way.

Zerynth YouTube channel – More tutorials and educational content

If you would like to see some more tutorials and educational videos, head over to the Zerynth YouTube channel.

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