While everyone else was busy worrying if their C programming skills are good enough, Python was making steady progress, and now it’s a top performer in the embedded race. A tutorial on DesignSpark, by a user called Mark, agrees with this and promises to teach you how to run a “Hello World” application in Python on the ST Nucleo in just half an hour.

If that’s not a neat promise, we don’t know what is.

Note: Keep in mind that this tutorial was published last year in October and that Zerynth Studio has had several updates since then.

Download Zerynth Studio

To prepare, get your ST Nucleo on the table, and download Zerynth Studio (unless you already did that). Zerynth Studio is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Follow the installation guide, and you’ll be up and running in a few minutes.

Since we’re talking about DesignSpark, we wanted to remind you of the Zerynth and RS Components partnership which brought the possibility to download Zerynth Studio straight from the DesignSpark community.

Getting Started

Connect the ST Nucleo over a USB cable to your computer, and the Zerynth Studio that you installed will recognize the board. Select it in the ‘target’ box on the Device Management Toolbar, and follow the rest of the post. Don’t worry, because each step has an accompanying image.

After you have finished with this part and visualized your device in Zerynth Studio, you are ready to program it in Python.

As Mark says:

If you are new to embedded Python programming, then you are going to love this next part because Zerynth gives you a tremendous headstart.

So, click here, and see the tutorial for yourself. Maybe it will take you less than half an hour.

Until next time,
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