Today we are taking a step forward in the Zerynth journey. I am proud to announce that Zerynth raised a €2 Million Round A investment from Vertis SGR, one of the most important private equity and venture capital investment funds in Italy and Europe.

The financial, organizational and business development resources of the Vertis fund will support Zerynth in the rapid transformation from a “start-up” to a “scale-up” company. We will be able to enhance our market offer and forge important technological partnerships with the major players in the IoT landscape.

Dismantling the Obstacles to IoT adoption

As technology enthusiasts, we admire pioneers and trailblazers. But in the real world businesses are cold and calculated. The executives who call the shots are concerned with one thing above all others: reducing risk. That’s why we haven’t seen the widespread adoption of industrial digitalization technologies yet.

In this sector, the biggest source of risk is complexity. All the innovation labeled as “IoT” and “Industry 4.0” doesn’t form a neat stack. Instead, it’s a mixed bag of technologies, services, and expertise. Many overlapping and competing standards create complexity, complexity reduces reliability, and a lack of reliability is an obstacle to adoption.

The situation can be summarized with that old saying: “technology is everything that doesn’t work yet”. The idea is that once it works, we stop paying attention, don’t think of it as technology anymore, and just enjoy the benefits. That’s precisely the experience Zerynth aims to provide.

Making IoT invisible — while unlocking all its benefits

Our mission is to simplify the adoption of IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions with tools for creating connected devices. With our solutions, companies both big and small will be able to digitalize their industrial processes and enjoy all the benefits of optimization and improved efficiency.

Over the last five years, we’ve focused all our energies on helping our customers build real IoT applications that improved internal processes and unlocked new business models.

  • Wi-Ref is revolutionizing temperature-controlled supply chain management with a non-invasive IoT solution for monitoring Industrial Refrigeration systems.
  • Nurset has just brought to life an IoT platform for real-time monitoring of plant production processes to optimize plant growth and irrigation systems.
  • Small companies and large enterprises like Vitesco Technologies, RS Components, Toscotec, and many others enabled Industry 4.0 solutions to monitor and optimize their industrial processes.

With this solid experience and thanks to the daily feedback from thousands of users, we’ve been able to create an IoT Platform that combines ease of adoption with cutting-edge security standards recognized by top-class technology players.

A solid foundation and a long way to go

All this could not have happened without an incredibly talented team. When I met my co-founders in 2014 I was concluding my Ph.D. in management engineering. Honestly, at the time I didn’t have a clear idea of what my business partners had in mind. I just knew I liked them. That was enough for me to pursue the dream of bringing the most disruptive IoT project to life.

Since then, we started building technology together with solid business culture. We coached new team members on the importance of sustainable growth and customer satisfaction. We didn’t chase growth at all costs, never went into debt, and have been sustainable from day one.

There is still a long way to go in our growth path through the Internet of Things jungle. We believe Zerynth has everything it needs to become the most solid, impactful, and recognizable factor in the IoT market.

We are the right technology partner for any company that wants to invest in IoT during the probably most remarkable technological shift that the industrial sector has ever experienced.

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About the Author: Gabriele Montelisciani

Gabriele Montelisciani
Gabriele is Zerynth's CEO: He has extensive experience managing innovative start-ups, business development, financial controls, and organizational strategies. He has a PhD in Economics and Management Engineering from the University of Pisa.

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