One of the most important events for IoT in Italy is just around the corner. IOTHINGS World 2021 is taking place on the 28th and 29th of September, and we are proud to announce that we are the official sponsor of the event.

This year, since the problems with the epidemic are getting better, there will be a combination of online, and in-presence attendance.

The myth of the Smart Factory

Our CEO, Gabriele Montelisciani is holding one of the early talks at the conference – “The myth of the Smart Factory: how to make it a reality with IoT without buying new machinery”, on September 28th, at 9:30 CEST. First, his talk will highlight some of the false ideas that are confusing companies and stopping them from investing in IoT to enable their machinery and production.

Nowadays, most industrial machinery is around 20 years old, but still very much operational. The cost of replacing this with new equipment is often too expensive. Furthermore, Gabriele will present recent Zerynth case studies demonstrating how retrofitting older machinery is fast, efficient, and affordable with the Zerynth IoT Platform.

Don’t miss this talk, and get a chance to learn how Zerynth technology has allowed manufacturing companies to optimize production, reduce plant maintenance costs and access the Transition 4.0 plan.

If you would like to learn more about industrial machine retrofitting, and how your company can substantially benefit, read our white paper.

What are the topics this year?

There are many ways IoT is being used today. There are also many new technologies that are merging with IoT.

IOTHINGS World will cover all the most relevant topics:

  • IIoT for Industry 4.0 and digital twins
  • Platforms and connectivity
  • Data analytics
  • Cyber IoT
  • 5G solutions
  • Internet of energy
  • Embedded IoT
  • Global scenarios and technology trends

More about IOTHINGS World

IOTHINGS World has been driving digital transformation and bringing innovators and developers together since 2002. Visit this page to learn more about the talk “The myth of the Smart Factory: how to make it a reality with IoT without buying new machinery”.

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