Last week we held our second Zerynth Continuous Learning webinar, titled “Zen and the Art of Embedded Debugging“. As you can see from the title, this time we talked about embedded debugging.

If this is the topic that you’ve always wanted to learn more about, this webinar is perfect for you.

Karim Hamdy, our embedded software developer, held the webinar. You’ll see that he’ll guide you through the whole topic slowly, with numerous examples. While you’re watching, it will be clear to you why we choose this title. Karim is so comfortable with this topic, that it’s practically an intuitive thing for him. We can safely say that he has become one with the art of debugging, or shall we say zen debugging.

The best time to detect bugs, is early, during the first phases of your development process. The best time to learn more about debugging is today.

So don’t worry if you missed the live webinar yesterday. You can always watch it on our YouTube channel:

The art of embedded debugging

Zen and Zerynth - art of embedded debugging

The whole webinar is divided into six parts:

  • Code and compiler optimization for lower code size
  • Interrupts and polling
  • Interrupts in ARM cortex M4 and FreeRTOS
  • Debugging tips and examples
  • Debugging session: Compiler data type optimization example
  • Solving Some interesting C code snippets

After you have watched the whole webinar, you’ll be ready to start your own embedded project with more confidence and knowledge. Even if you are knowledgable on this topic, it’s a good chance to check your basics, and see if you have forgotten something.

Karim took the time, at the end of the webinar, to answer questions that were posted in the chat. This is why it is useful to watch our webinars live – you can learn, and if a certain part of the presentation is not clear to you, you get the answer right away.

What is Zerynth Continous Learning?

Zerynth Continuous Learning is a monthly, educational, live series, where we present topics about embedded and IoT development.

The Zerynth Continuous Learning series was designed in a way so that every member of our development team gets to present a topic he’s most passionate about. For example, Karim decided to talk about the art of debugging, because he’s not only highly experienced in it, he also wanted to share this knowledge with more people, to start discussions, and to explain his own approach to debugging.

This way, each month, you and the whole Zerynth team have an opportunity to learn something new about embedded and IoT development.

Let us know what you think about this series on social media. Tag us in your post, or reply to our posts about Zerynth Continuous Learning. If you want to keep track of what’s happening just search for #zcl or #zerynthlearning.

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Zerynth YouTube channel

If you’re not subscribed to our YouTube channel yet, now is a great time! As you can see, we regularly post new content. Most of it is educational, and directed towards learning more about IoT and embedded development.

But it’s not just the Zerynth Continuous Learning series that you’ll find on the channel. We also have a Zerynth Live Supports series, where our developers take some of the most interesting questions that the users asked on the Forum, and answer them live.

Both series are a great way to learn about IoT and embedded development from the comfort of your home. Tune in any time, it’s all waiting for you on our channel.

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