Zerynth OS is a multithreaded real-time OS that supports both Python and C coding. If you would like to learn how to use it, we have prepared beginner-level demos that will help you.

These demos could be a great starting point for your IoT learning journey. And of course, don’t forget that you can download Zerynth SDK for free, for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS at any time.

Here is the list of beginner-level demos you can check out:

  • Hello Zerynth – the simplest demo on our list. It uses the serial port and GPIO to toggle an LED.
  • Multi Serial – as the name suggests, this demo shows you how to use multiple serial ports via Zerynth multi-threading.
  • Multi-Thread Basic – basic demonstration of Zerynth multi-threading.
  • C Language Interface – how to write a C code function inside a separate file which is then wrapped in Python code.
  • ADC – a demonstration of ADC usage.
  • I2C – a demonstration of I2C module usage.
  • SPI – a demonstration of SPI module usage.
  • Watchdog – how to use a watchdog. It is necessary to have “Secure Firmware” VM enabled to run this demo successfully.

Zerynth OS features

Main features of Zerynth OS:

  • the first OS tailored for IoT that supports Python and C programming on 32bit microcontrollers
  • multithreaded preemptive priority aware Real-Time OS 
  • tiny footprint:  low Flash and RAM requirements
  • Massive code reuse thanks to almost complete hardware independence
  • Python high-level features optimized for embedded usage together with low-level C integration for bare metal performances
  • Optimized stacks for multiple connectivity protocols
  • Highly Customizable for your IoT solutions

Learn Zerynth

In case you are looking for more learning material like this, you can find it all on the Learn Zerynth page. You’ll get to search through tutorials, videos, demos, webinars, and more.

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