Imagine it’s your job to travel around Europe and test out cutting-edge marine vessels. Well, it’s just like that if your part of the Lincoln Project.

The Lincoln Project has been developing IoT marine solutions in Python, and we wrote about the whole research project in March this year. Now it’s time to tell you how the research is going and to let you know that test have been performed in Norway.

LINCOLN Marine Gateway black box in Norway

Planes have black boxes, and new ships do, too. They record various data over time, like acceleration, temperature, or position. A box like this has been installed in the Hydrolift marina in Fredrikstad, Norway.

Lincoln Project test Norway Zerynth

If the equipment you saw on the image looks a bit familiar, it’s because the IoT gateway was based on the 4zorebox.

Check out these images of the Lincoln team happily testing out the equipment in Norway. The map shows their journey through the fjords and the speed of the boat on each phase.

We’re glad to see that both the Zerynth Studio and the 4zerobox are serving them so well. Projects like this are the good wind in our sails (excuse the marine pun). We’ll keep you posted about further development of the Lincoln project and where the team is having their next adventure.

More about the Lincoln Project

The Lincoln project is an EU Horizon 2020 research project focused on developing three types of new marine vessels. Their mission is to make these ships more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Zerynth allows them to develop a Python programmable 32-bit gateway for the monitoring, management, and optimization of operational processes for the vessels.

For more information, see their official website.

The LINCOLN project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n. 727982.

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About the Author: Luigi F. Cerfeda

Luigi is a biomedical engineer, and is currently Sales Director at Zerynth. Being one of the first members on the team, he has held various roles in the company as he has a deep knowledge of the IoT market and Industry 4.0.

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