Last weekend we finished our program at the MAST Summer School 2021, where we are a technology partner.

During a 7 day program in Bologna (July 11-17), students got a chance to learn about IoT and AI with the help of our experienced engineers and the Zerynth IoT Platform.

The focus of the summer school was:

  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Climate change and sustainability

So, as you can see, the topics were perfectly suited to what we do as a company.

The school was aimed at third and fourth-year high school students in Italy, after a selection among all the applicants. With the practical approach of our workshop, the students had an opportunity to learn and test their knowledge in the same space, under the guidance of our team. Is there a better way to learn than to try out your theories on professional tools?

Moreover, during the course, all of the students created a working IoT prototype, with various sensors, and Cloud connectivity. An amazing feat for someone who just started experimenting with IoT.

To learn more about the MAST Summer School 2021, visit the official website.

You can see in the images below what the lectures were like:

Sustainability with the Zerynth IoT Platform

Talking about sustainable IoT solutions, we would like to share one of our latest case studies: an innovative IoT mooring system, designed to create green energy – Seadamp PLUS.

Seadamp Plus is an IoT-enabled anchoring mechatronic damper for floating docks/breakwaters. It is capable of producing energy from wave induced motion and provides real-time information via GSM. The Seadamp Plus includes 12 or 24VDC generators with neodymium magnets, a robust gear train, and a smart controller that keeps batteries continuously charged.

To learn more about it, visit the case study page.

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