We released the new Zerynth IoT Platform just two weeks ago, which is great by itself; but, we are continuously working to bring new features and improvements to our products. That is why, today, we would like to introduce two new features of the Zerynth Cloud.

We strive for change to give our customers an improved user experience and more control over their projects and products.

More specifically, the new features offer you more visibility over your connected devices and enable you to control and manage your fleets of devices in a simpler way.

Live connection status update

The first feature is the live connection status update. Users can now check the status of their connected devices straight from the ZDM dashboard.

Moreover, it is possible to check the connection status for each individual device, or check the status of your whole fleet of devices.

FOTA for your fleets

Also, users now can issue firmware over the air updates (FOTA) for a fleet of devices from the new firmware control panel in ZDM.

Whether there is a need to make security patches or software updates, now you can issue them for your fleets of devices from a single interface.

Managing fleets of devices from a single interface increases critical visibility and reduces troubleshooting time for technicians and system operators.

Whether you are planning to use the new features to control your fleet of devices, or to have real-time data on the status of connected devices, the Zerynth Cloud is the perfect tool to use.

More about the Zerynth Cloud

Zerynth Cloud is a complete IoT platform that empowers Industrial IoT applications and smart connected products.

It consists of:

  • Device Manager
  • Storage
  • Dashboard

Learn more about this innovation on the product page.

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About the Author: Karim Hamdy

Karim is graduated with a degree in Electronics Design and Digital Communication Systems, with interests ranging from autonomous robots to baremetal programming. He now spends most of his time coding and eating pasta.

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