Ever since we announced our partnership with RS Components there has been a real avalanche of news about it everywhere. So naturally, we decided to share this with you as a sort of “news around the globe” segment. Some are in Italian, some are in French or Spanish, and some are in English, but we hope that you’ll enjoy the variety.

Read some of the articles

Electronics Weekly, market leading, and longest-established electronics magazine published an article explaining how the Zerynth development toolset is now available to the DesignSpark engineering community. Electronics Weekly has been a leading source of information in the field on electronics for over 55 years.

The French Zoneindustrie.com shared their thoughts on the now easy access of the Zerynth tools to the community and the strengthening of the IoT industry. If you know French, you can read the whole article here. The Zoneindustrie.com offers all the latest news and happenings to the francophone engineering community, in addition to the opportunity to directly contact industrial suppliers in case you’re searching for a product.

Mundo Compresor, the Spanish news portal that covers topics such as industry 4.0 and industrial IoT, quickly followed. The same conclusion was drawn about the RS Components and Zerynth partnership here as well. You can brush up on your Spanish and read the article.

Radio Electronics, a great source for radio and electronics engineering industries, also published the news about the partnership. They cover topics like RF technologies, power management, satellites and more, so take a look if you are interested in that.

Of course, the RS Components Italy shared the news as well. So, if you’re confident in your Italian skills, read the post and learn why the field of IoT will benefit from this partnership. You can find the news in Italian also on Elettronica In, one of the leading magazines about electronics in Italy.

As you can see, all of these magazines focus on different topics in the world of electronics, but the IoT and industry 4.0 string is what binds them all.

That is a small sample of all the articles circling the web about the RS Components and Zerynth partnership. In case there is an article from your part of the world, and we missed it, send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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