What have we learned from the first presentation in the Zerynth Continuous Learning series? 

The short answer is – a lot. The long answer is – we learned about microservice-based architectures. How they enable mastering the complexity of big applications. How to scale them as needed, and how to shorten the lead time for new features and updates.  

Perhaps the best way to show you what it was like during this first lesson, is to watch the short video we’re prepared: 

Zerynth Continuous Learning Webinars  

We’re planning to present all the next lessons in the form of a webinar so that you could participate and learn as well.  

Our plan is to have one Zerynth Continuous Learning free webinar each month. And each month we’ll present a new IoT and Industry 4.0 topic that is important to one member of our team. 

More precisely, each member of our development team has picked one topic that he’s passionate about. In an hour to an hour and a half long presentation, he’ll teach you, and the rest of the Zerynth team more about it.  

We feel that this is a perfect way to bring growth and understanding to our team and help others along the way. 

Of course, we’ll let you know about all the details in advance so that you can sign up for the next webinar 

More about the series 

If you want to learn how we got this idea, and what we think about the concept of continuous learning, read our previous post. 

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