In this tutorial, we’ll see how to read and write on a serial port using Zerynth.

A serial monitor acts as a separate terminal that lets you send and receive Serial Data, handy for debugging and also controlling the board from a keyboard!

Things used in this tutorial

No assembling is required for this project.


Once you have installed Zerynth Studio and created a Zerynth user, you have to register and virtualize the board.

Clone and uplink the Zerynth example “Serial Port Read-Write Basics” as shown in the video.

Now enjoy interacting with Serial Monitor!


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About the Author: Luigi F. Cerfeda

Luigi is a biomedical engineer, and is currently Sales Director at Zerynth. Being one of the first members on the team, he has held various roles in the company as he has a deep knowledge of the IoT market and Industry 4.0.

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