Our partner, TOI – Things on Internet presented their Zerynth-powered 4ZeroPlatform at a Fondazione ISI event last week. The main topic of the event was “How to re-innovate machinery with Industry 4.0 tools”. And what’s better for updating industrial machinery than the 4ZeroPlatform?

The Fondazione ISI event is meant to demonstrate and teach companies how to improve their productivity by upgrading their current machinery instead of buying new equipment. The program also includes a package of tax relief for companies that decide to improve their business in this way.

The Fondazione ISI was established on 1 February 2017 with the aim of promoting innovation and the creation and development of businesses.

More about the 4ZeroPlatform

4ZeroPlatform is a plug-and-play data gathering, processing, and reporting solution that provides visibility and optimization of Industrial Processes.

4ZeroPlatform is composed of:

  • 4ZeroBox, a versatile data acquisition unit, programmable in Python thanks to Zerynth.
  • 4ZeroManager, a Cloud or “on-premise” system for device and data management and integration with ERP, MES and BI tools.

Visit the official page if you want to learn more about this industry 4.0 solution.

Previous use cases – upgrading industrial machinery

Of course, the 4ZeroPlatform has been a part of numerous successful projects in recent years. Just take a look at TOI’s Use Cases page.

You’ll find everything from industrial refrigeration solutions to biogas waste management. The 4ZeroPlatform is as versatile as the Python code behind it.

If you’re not sure how to upgrade your own equipment, and you want to see how it could be done, contact the TOI team. As you can see, they have done this many times before.

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