Our partner, RS Components, has introduced the Zerynth-powered 4ZeroBox as a “highly versatile IIoT development box” this month. The news then spread around the embedded community pretty fast. We saw it published in the EE Journal, Electronics Weekly, Electropages and more.

We couldn’t agree more. Python-programmable IIoT tools are the future – especially when they are Zerynth-powered.

4ZeroBox – one part of an industrial toolkit

And for everyone that still doesn’t know what the 4ZeroBox is, here is a short overview.

4ZeroPlatform is a plug-and-play data gathering, processing, and reporting solution that provides visibility and optimization of Industrial Processes.

It’s made out of two parts – the 4ZeroBox and 4ZeroManager.

So, the 4ZeroBox does its part of the job by being a machine-to-cloud interface. Furthermore, it can be plugged into old and modern industrial machines. That means any company can add it to its equipment and start reaping the benefits.

It includes a Zerynth Virtual Machine Premium License, so it is programmable in Zerynth for free and without limitations, in Python and C/Python.

4ZeroPlatform use cases

The 4ZeroBox has been used in numerous projects and products so far. Just take a look at the use case page on TOI’s website and you’ll see what kind of variety the RS Components were talking about.

It can be a part of a waste management system, but it can also be a part of a synchronized and interactive retail window.

Zerynth-powered devices

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The 4ZeroBox is one of many Zerynth-powered devices. If you read the whole list you’ll see how Python programming is solving real problems in the industrial IoT, how it’s helping embedded developers with prototyping, and much more.

You’ll also learn that the reason everyone is turning to Zerynth tools is their simplicity. The ease with which one can program 32-bit microcontrollers in Python and connect them to the Cloud.

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