IoT and Industry 4.0 technologies have started to significantly change every type of production. The agricultural industry is no exception.

This is why we have teamed up with Pierucci Agricoltura Srl, to create an IoT-enabled solution that is capable of real-time monitoring and recording of plant cultivation in nurseries.

Here is what Pierucci’s CEO had to say about our collaboration:

For a long time we were looking for a smart agricultural solution that could help us optimize cultivation growth and reduce maintenance costs as well as energy consumption. With Zerynth’s help, we released our solution to the market, which is unique in the horticultural sector. The project has been an astounding success: it achieved all objectives in less than 6 months, opened a new revenue stream for us, and significantly increased our competitive edge.

Challenges of modern agriculture

Growing plants commercially requires a lot of careful planning. Monitoring nutrients, sunlight, and other parameters is critical for successful cultivation.

Monitoring and control are even more strict for plant nurseries. Since nurseries have complex systems of young plants they require more agronomic treatment and attention for their nutrition and defense.

Also, these types of farms must adhere to government-mandated standards for achieving environmental and economic sustainability. Efficient use of fertilizers and pesticides, water containment, energy consumption, and a decrease in the risk of cultivar damage from system malfunctions and atmospheric events is crucial.

Nurset, a Zerynth-powered IoT solution for cultivation of ornamental plants

smart agriculture Zerynth

The Zerynth team has provided Nurset as the solution to the problems Pierucci has been facing.

Nurset is an IoT-enabled solution designed for monitoring the cultivation of ornamental plants in nurseries. We built it using the 4ZeroBox – our industrial IoT device for data acquisition, monitoring, and control of machines. The 4ZeroBox was then connected directly to the Cloud through the zDeviceManager.

This system allows information analysis, manages an alert system, and digitizes documentation for nutrition and crop protection. You can find out more about it on the Case Study page.

Pierucci - Nurset IoT monitoring plant, case study

More about Pierucci Agricoltura

Pierucci Agricoltura Srl has its headquarters in Tuscany, Italy, and it specializes in agricultural and plant nursery products. It has been operating for over 20 years successfully selling its products on both the Italian and European markets.

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