Would you like to dive deeper into the world of the Zerynth OS? You don’t have to do anything. Just sit, relax, and watch our newest Live Support video, where a Zerynth developer explains everything in detail.

The whole Live Session is presented by our embedded software engineer, Karim Hamdy, as well as the other two Live Session we had.

Structure of the Zerynth OS

Zerynth OS

This is what Karim had to say about the structure of the Zerynth OS:

In very simple terms, the main structure consists of the VOSAL layer, which is the Virtual Machine operative system. Basically it’s responsible for anything related to the OS. That is: making threads, scheduling the threads, scheduling between the threads, handling semaphores, suspending and resuming the threads, handling events. So, all of the things related to the operating system.

On top of the VOSAL layer, we have the VHAL layer. The VHAL layer is basically the hardware of a structured layer. So, it is responsible for all the peripherals. It is also responsible for all the execution of these peripherals: Flash, serial ports, GPIO, I2C, SPI, etc.

And on top of these, since we’re dealing with Python, we need some Python-related components. Such as Python interpreter. We need the Bytecode interpreter, that’s going to take the Python code and then convert it to byte code, that’s going to be burned to a microcontroller. And we also need, for example, a garbage collector, because of all the objects we are going to use or initiate in the Python code. And we need a global interpret locker, and an interpret thread. 

So, on top of the VHAL, we have all the components that are related to the Python environment. And on top of that, we have, of course, the Python application.

NOTE: In the video, Karim talks about the Virtual Machine, but for all the information, you can refer to the Zerynth OS page.

If you want to learn more about this topic, watch the whole video.

Of course, you can always watch the complete Live Session on our YouTube channel.

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