We’re happy to report that we have created another featured post from our Zerynth Continuous Learning webinar about UX design for IoT projects. This time we’re focusing on the importance of personas in the design process.

Considering that our whole webinar is over an hour and a half long, we thought that it would be easier for you all, if we took some key points from it, and presented it here, in the form of a post, accompanied by a short video.

Personas in UX design

What is a persona, in the design process?

A persona is a fictional character, that’s created to represent a certain group or sub-group in your target audience.

So, personas do not represent real people, but you do need data from real life to make your personas. They are important archetypes that you can use at any time, to test the quality and strength of your design.

As Daniele says in the presentation:

UX design is a complete user-centric design approach. So you can’t design the user experience without focusing everything on the user. This seems obvious, but it’s not.

That is precisely why we need to create multiple personas during the first phases of the design process. Perform intensive research in your target group, collect data, and get a good idea of who your users are.

This approach helps you realize that you are not designing your product for one person (or for yourself). You are designing it for diverse individuals, who can be grouped into personas, to make the design process easier.

Watch the whole webinar

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