A couple of days ago we held our first Zerynth Continuous Learning webinar. The topic we covered was UX design for IoT projects.

Since the webinar covered a lot of material, we thought it would be useful if we featured some of the key points from it here on the blog.

Providing feedback

The first aspect of UX design for IoT that we would like to talk about is feedback, and why this is a crucial thing in the design process. In the design of connected objects the complexity is higher than usual because we mix the physical shape (industrial design) and the UI, or mobile UI.

The most complicated phase is the missing link between physical action and physical result. Providing accurate and detailed feedback is extremely important.

Undo is not available

What’s more, unlike in the digital world, there’s no undo option in the physical world. More precisely, when you change the physical status of something there is no undo. Like Daniele said in the presentation, if you’ve started the washing cycle in your washing machine, there is no undo button. You can stop the machine, but your clothes will be wet.

Of course, you need to take this into consideration before you start the UX design process.

Our CTO, Daniele Mazzei, explained everything in detail. So, watch the video to learn more:

Watch the whole webinar

If you want to learn more about this topic, you can always watch the whole webinar on our YouTube channel. It’s an hour and a half long presentation about all the key aspects of UX design for Internet of Things projects.

Zerynth Continuous Learning

It’s the first free webinar in our Zerynth Continuous Learning series. Each month one member of our development team presents a topic he’s knowledgeable and passionate about.

The presentation is held in our offices in Pisa, but everyone has access to the presentation as well because we will be broadcasting in on the Zerynth YouTube channel. Just like the last one.

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