Have you ever wondered what’s the story of Zerynth? How did our company start? What’s the idea behind it? If you did, you’re not alone. That is why we presented our story titled “Introduction to Zerynth” at this year’s Pycon X.

You can watch the whole video below:

Luigi F. Cerfeda, Zerynth’s head of Marketing, will explain everything you need to know.

Keep in mind that it’s in Italian since the Pycon X took place in Florence (as it does every year). You can guess from its name that it’s the tenth edition. So, naturally, last year it was the Pycon NOVE.

Of course, we didn’t only talk about how Zerynth was started. We covered all the general information about the company and its products. It’s the perfect way to get acquainted with us.

More about the PyCon Italia

PyCon Italia takes place every year during the spring in Florence. It’s an international Python conference for professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts.

If you’re just starting out with Python there’s even a whole event dedicated to learning the basics. Beginners’ Day is designed to help you get the hang of Python, and have fun along the way.

Pycon X started on May 2nd, and ended on May 5th, at the Grand Hotel Mediterraneo.

Download Zerynth Studio

Once you’ve watched the video, and learned all the Zerynth basics, you can download Zerynth Studio. It’s free to download and available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

And if you need a tutorial to get you started here’s a list of some that might be interesting to you:

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