DesignSpark is an engineering community created by RS Components, filled with useful articles, tools, and projects. As you know, we recently entered into a partnership with RS Components. The main feature of this partnership is the fact that the Zerynth development environment is available for download straight from the DesignSpark community.

With all that said, the fact remained that some members of the community weren’t yet familiar with Zerynth. So, the article we are about to share with you explains what Zerynth is, and how our whole toolset functions, to the DesignSpark community members.

It’s an interesting read, and it’s certainly a good experience to learn what Zerynth does from an outside source – from engineers and developers who have been using it over the years.

Article Summary

Before you dive into the article, here is a short summary – you’ll learn what Zerynth is, why it was created, and who it’s intended for, as well as its main features are and what the Zerynth Ecosystem is made out of:

Zerynth was designed for use with many of the most common prototyping boards you can find today […] and also on professional hardware [..]. In a nutshell, Zerynth comprises of a set of open source tools developed from scratch in order to allow you to approach and interact with the embedded world in a few short clicks.

The full article is available on DesignSpark.

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About the Author: Luigi F. Cerfeda

Luigi is a biomedical engineer, and is currently Sales Director at Zerynth. Being one of the first members on the team, he has held various roles in the company as he has a deep knowledge of the IoT market and Industry 4.0.

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