We are delighted to announce the new technology partnership of Zerynth and ThingForward, an innovative IoT development company from the Cassini group.

This partnership is the result of a strong desire on both sides to make the field of IoT development simpler and faster for the end user. Zerynth’s ecosystem of tools and the full spectrum of services from ThingForward will guarantee the betterment of the IoT industry as a whole.

Learn more about Zerynth and ThingForward

Zerynth is a provider of software tools that allow developers to program 32-bit microcontrollers in Python and C/Python, and connect them to the top Cloud infrastructures. With R&D in Pisa, Italy, and a global sales team, Zerynth offers an easy, powerful and affordable way of developing new IoT products and Industry 4.0 applications.

ThingForward is devoted to making software tools that ensure fast, easy, and efficient IoT development. They are a part of the Cassini group, which is comprised of more than 200 specialists in the field of digital transformation. The ThingForward headquarters are located in Dortmund, Germany, from where they offer services for developers, managers, and architects in the field of IoT.

Download Zerynth Studio and get started

Recently ThingForward published a great tutorial on getting started in Python with Zerynth Studio. The post gives in-depth, step-by-step instructions, so no matter what your knowledge level is, it will be easy to follow.

Download Zerynth Studio, and start your own IoT development journey today!

Zerynth tutorial on ThingForward getting started with Zerynth Studio

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About the Author: Luigi F. Cerfeda

Luigi Cerfeda
Luigi is a biomedical engineer, and is currently Sales Director at Zerynth. Being one of the first members on the team, he has held various roles in the company as he has a deep knowledge of the IoT market and Industry 4.0.

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