Strong partnerships are the foundation of progress. A good example of this is our partnership with Microchip Technologies. Over the years we have developed a steady and secure one – and we don’t mean this just because of the support for their cryptographic secure elements.

Today, we are proud to announce that we have become Microchip’s Embedded Cloud Specialists, as well.

Embedded Cloud Specialists

Zerynth’s Cloud and IoT design expertise have been verified by Microchip’s Cloud Enablement Team. That means that we are recommended by Microchip for design services and support in Cloud and IoT related projects.

But how was the whole Microchip Design Partner program created in the first place?

Well, they wanted to point their clients in the right direction, whenever they needed true experts in a field to handle something. For example, our knowledge of IoT and Cloud applications. This way, complex application areas are handled by specialists.

Trusted IoT Platform Partner

Let’s not forget that Zerynth has also been listed as a Trusted IoT Platform Partner by Microchip.

Microchip’s Design Partner Program offers an extensive list of partner companies that are deemed as a genuine security expert on Microchip technologies. We have been added to this list firstly because of the Zerynth “Zero Touch Secure Provisioning for AWS IoT using Python” tutorial.

The tutorial explains how to run Microchip’s “Zero Touch Secure Provisioning” demo for secure authentication to AWS IoT in Python. If you follow it, you’ll learn how to make sure your device is safe on the Cloud (by securely maintaining the keys).

Now, since Microchip’s ATECC508A CryptoAuthentication Device is supported by Zerynth connecting IoT devices to the Cloud is easy with Zerynth Studio.

If you’re wondering what the benefits of a “Zero Touch Secure Provisioning” demo in Python are, read the whole tutorial here.

Microchip’s ATECC508A CryptoAuthentication Device

Do you want to handle complex cryptographic functions easily? You can, thanks to our support for the ATECC508A CryptoAuthentication Device.

This is most beneficial to IoT developers since the ATECC508A is ideal for IoT node security. The cryptographic functions are dealt with directly on the hardware side, using Python of course.

Read the whole article to get the technical information, see ready-made code examples, and learn how you can use this.

Official Microchip 3rd party tool

Microchip Python

Last but not least, since April 2017 Zeryth has been an official Microchip Third-Party Development Tool. You can see the full list of Microchip-based supported devices here, and choose the ones that can help you to create flexible, scalable and customizable IoT solutions.

Thanks to the Zerynth Virtual Machine you can program various Microchip MCUs in simple Python. For example, creating a Zerynth-powered LoRa demo, by programming a board based on a Microchip SAM3X MCU and a Microchip RN2483 LoRa modem. Or programming the Arduino MKR1000 in Python and create a secure battery-powered project.


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