The new Zerynth Device Manager allows you to connect and manage any device, and its data, on a single interface.

The ZDM has all the knowledge of Zerynth under the dashboard and for this, it supports all the devices already supported by Zerynth OS and the related libraries. It also works great with CPU-based SBC, computers, and software applications, thanks to the ZDM-Client Python library.

The ZDM manages the data that the IoT system produces separately from the events that originated from certain states. In general, the data are the values ​​generated by the sensors connected to the devices while the events are the notifications that the device sends to activate logical functions.

Both data and events are tagged in the ZDM with tags, so as to be easily stored and sent to other services via Webhook, MQTT, REST API, and others.

IoT Workflows

In the IoT we have two different workflows:

  • device management which includes requirements on them, such as registering the device or updating its firmware.
  • the processing of events involving single data or data polling. Therefore the reception of a single data via a request made by a function, or the continuous detection of sensors to have a data trend that varies over time.

In the ZDM there are two different sections for their management so as to help the user to operate separately in the two workflows.

Creating a device in the ZDM

When you create a device in the ZDM first you need to choose (or create) a workspace and a fleet. In this way, you facilitate all those functions that are not performed on the single device but on subgroups of devices or on an entire project.

Here we will have an “Event console” section dedicated to viewing events, while selecting one of the devices in the workspace will display a customized section divided into two macro-areas, one dedicated to device information and one for the “Data console”, so as to see in real-time the progress of the filtered data on that single device.

On the workspace page, you can also click on “Data manager” to see the data of all the devices belonging to that workspace.

Beta testing

ZDM dashboard

Zerynth Device Manager is a new product, and we would like to know what our users think about it. We would also like to know if there are features you would like to see in the future.

That is why the Device Manager is in the Beta version right now. Report any feedback you have in this Forum category.

We have also created extensive documentation for the Zerynth Device Manager. You can begin your journey by reading the Getting Started guide. You’ll learn the basic terminology, how to access the ZDM, and you’ll get to see some useful examples.

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