When you envision modern production processes, you tend to think about brand new, high-tech equipment, interactive dashboards full of information, and automatization. To achieve some (or all) of these things, one needs to IoT-enable their machinery. Which in theory is easy enough to do, but in practice difficult. As things turn out, you’ll find there are many unpredictable challenges to solve, which sometimes are not related to technology.

For example, pump motors and HVAC units are most often located in very hard-to-reach places. So, running parameters is time-consuming, hard to do, and expensive. The same is true for installing equipment in these inaccessible spaces: furthermore, unplanned equipment malfunctions and failures are even worse.

This is the problem that Ergsense came to us with. They needed a reliable IoT solution that was capable of quickly collecting information about the production, with non-invasive implementation in the machines.

Ergsense is a US-based company focused on industrial engineering and product development.

Cost-effective technology to analyze energy efficiency in real-time

Over the last few years, a lot has been reported about the energy inefficiency of HVAC systems in industrial environments. For example, in fabric production plants, it has been estimated that 40% of the total energy consumption is used by HVAC systems.

Monitoring these systems, and reducing their energy footprint would be a major plus for any production plant in the world.

So, Ergsense needed to find a partner that could create such a tool. They searched for a partner with experience in the field, who knew all the pitfalls within the IoT domain, and used certified and reliable technologies.

The solution 

Here is where we came into the picture. As IoT experts with years of experience, we were up for the challenge.

real-time power consumption monitoring

The Zerynth team helped Ergsense release DTECTS (Detection and Tracking of Energy and Condition Trends System), an IoT-enabled solution designed for real-time monitoring of power consumption.

The solution is built using the Zerynth IoT module (ZM1) connected directly to the Ergsense Cloud through the Zerynth Device Manager (ZDM).

The entire project was completed in less than 3 months. During this period of concentrated technology integration, we helped Ergsense create a finished product that is able to monitor energy consumption parameters in real-time and send intelligent alerts.

You can learn more about the solution, and its results on HVAC systems on our case study page.

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