Are you looking for an opportunity to expand your knowledge of machine learning and Industry 4.0? Take a look at the PhD scholarship on “Machine learning on the edge for sustainable, scalable and green Industry 4.0 applications” at the Computer Science Department of the University of Pisa.

The chosen candidate will have a chance to spend a 12-month period in Zerynth and work on real industrial use cases.

Furthermore, the PhD will be linked to the research activity financed by the PLANET4 (Practical Learning of Artificial Intelligence on the Edge for indusTry 4.0) project.

The deadline for application is October 15th.

More about the research topic

The PhD will focus on the design and development of an innovative framework for the development, training, and execution of AI algorithms on the edge for Industry 4.0 applications.

The PhD candidate will study the state of the art of AI and machine learning technology, selecting the best technologies, frameworks, and tools to be adapted for “on-the-edge” setups and will pack these in an easy-to-use framework for the development of on-the-edge AI-based I-4.0 applications.

Application domains:

  • Industrial production energy consumption reduction
  • Greenhouse gases emission reduction in industrial production, logistic, etc.
  • Smart Agriculture, smart farming, and food production in general
  • Waste collection, management, and recycling
  • Urban cleaning
  • Any other industry 4.0, smart city, smart agriculture application domain where it is possible to reduce emissions and energy consumptions by means of ML and AI on the edge solutions.

Don’t hesitate to apply if you think you are the right person for this position.

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About the Author: Lana Vukovic

Lana is a Classics graduate who got bored of ancient Greek and Roman texts and got into new technology instead.

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