CRN, one of the leading news providers in the IT industry has listed Zerynth as one of the 10 coolest IoT companies of 2020.

We’ve been working with dedication and commitment for years, and today we’re happy to say that we got great feedback.

How to be cool about IoT in 2020

As the year is nearing its close, along with everybody else, we’re looking back on everything that we have accomplished, even though globally, this year has been quite a turbulent one.  Despite the current economic trends, there is no shortage of investments in IoT. 

In September this year, we secured a €2 million round A investment, led by the Italian fund Vertis Venture 3 Tech Transfer. Thanks to the investment we are now able to boost our market offer and reach more companies and customers.

Today, around one-third of companies use IoT to optimize their processes, connect their equipment and machinery to the Cloud, and reduce operating costs.

You can see our previous use cases, and get a better understanding of how we IoT-enable machinery around the world.

Most popular technology for Industry 4.0

It’s not only IoT where our tools are appreciated. In September this year, we were picked by ROKIN as one of the most popular technologies for Industry 4.0. ROKIN is a digital technology scout and innovation accelerator.

We were chosen in the Industry 4.0 category, but the whole list counts over 300 exciting and innovative technology providers, from fields such as assistance systems, predictive analytics, location tracking, and more.

We were also featured as one of the best Industry 4.0 startups on the market, in this Medium post.

The Zerynth Platform and 4ZeroBox

Not, to sound arrogant, but we can see why Zerynth is perceived as cool. What we offer is elegant, and simple – a fast and efficient way to build IoT applications in Python and C. It’s not just that we give users the opportunity to work with the two most popular programming languages in the IoT and embedded industry, it’s the fact that we understand what developers around the world really need. 

As the article says:

Zerynth aims to help developers, system integrators and businesses accelerate IoT application development with development tools as well as an operating system and device manager.

The Zerynth Platform is there for you during each step of your application development. 

When you’re looking for a fast and secure way to connect your microcontroller to the Cloud – we got you covered.

When you need massive code reuse and hardware independence – it’s easy with Zerynth.

When you’re looking for libraries and code examples – we got it.

You can learn more about the Zerynth Platform here.

The 4ZeroBox is the hardware half of the Zerynth equation. It is a versatile data acquisition unit, programmable in hybrid Python and C, thanks to the Zerynth OS. 

Download Zerynth SDK for free

What’s even better, you can always download Zerynth SDK for free. It’s the gateway to our IoT-enabling platform and available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

More about CRN

CRN was originally established as a printed newspaper, back in 1982, in New York, US. It is an excellent source of news and information about the IT industry, as well as analysis, commentary, and advice.

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