The new year has just begun and everyone is busy with resolutions. Sitting at home, compiling lists to make sure 2019 becomes the best year ever. Well, we can’t say we strayed far from that mood because we have a list of our own.

A list of Zerynth powered solutions that will inspire you to look beyond your expectations of what you can do with Python.

If you read the whole list you’ll see how Python programming is solving real problems in the industrial IoT, how it’s helping embedded developers with prototyping, and much more.

Lastly, you’ll learn that the reason everyone is turning to Zerynth tools is their simplicity. The ease with which one can program 32-bit microcontrollers in Python and connect them to the Cloud.

XinaBox – modular electronics

Firstly, we would like to introduce you to the Python programmable XinaBox modular xChips. XinaBox’s new XK12 IoT Starter Kit is the result of our partnership with them.

We both wanted to give developers a rapid prototyping solution in Python. A way to program and connect a device to the Cloud in just a few lines of Python.

zerynth xinabox toolkit

The XK12 IoT Starter Kit saves time, effort and money. The CW02 xChip that you can find into the kit, a Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Core (based on ESP-WROOM-32 by our partner Espressif Systems), already has a Zerynth license onboard.

The combination of XinaBox’s modular electronics and our ecosystem of software tools in Python is what every who wants to save time needs.

It’s easy to use since the xChips use a connectivity standard without wires and soldering, breadboards. Connect them together like an embedded puzzle, and with Zerynth Studio get them to the Cloud in a less than five minutes.

If you want to learn more, you can start with our post about the XK12 IoT Starter Kit.

Python programmable Riverdi displays

Secondly, we would like to mention our partnership with Riverdi, as it’s bringing rather innovative solutions to the market.

More precisely Python programmable Riverdi displays. It’s a new generation of intelligent display solutions. One that can help the modern developer to program and connect their display to the top Cloud infrastructures.

What’s even better is that every display already has a Zerynth license onboard. They are programmable right out of the box.

The 4ZeroPlatform – Python in the Industrial Internet of Things

Furthermore, we would like to introduce the versatile 4ZeroPlatform – TOI’s IIoT solution for plug-and-play data gathering, processing, and reporting.

The 4ZeroPlatform is a Zerynth powered solution composed of two elements: the 4ZeroBox and the 4ZeroManager. The first part, the 4ZeroBox is a machine-to-cloud interface can easily be plugged into both old and modern machines. So users companies don’t need to worry if their existing equipment is compatible with it.

The second part, the 4ZeroManager, is a cloud-based device management service for organizing, monitoring, and remotely updating connected devices.

If you’re looking for a way to easily modernize your facility and connect your devices to the Cloud, the 4ZeroPlatform is the answer.

You can learn more about the 4ZeroPlatform, on TOI’s official website.

Wi-ReF – Python for Industrial IoT refrigeration

wi-ref zerynth powered deviceAnother amazing Zerynth powered device that we want to share with you today is the Wi-Ref. An industrial solution based on the 4ZeroBox and powered by Zerynth.

It’s a supervision and data acquisition system that allows you to control your refrigeration and air conditioning system, wirelessly. The Wi-Ref has advanced logging, alarm management, and reporting capabilities, it simplifies what are the legislative requirements regarding HACCP.

You can learn more about Wi-Ref on their official website.

Add Python programmability to your device

python zerynth banner

Now is the right time to add Python programmability to your device – it’s one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and its popularity is only going to rise.

If your company produces embedded tools, adding Python programmability to them will certainly make your customers happier.

If you have a custom board, or you’re planning to build one, and you want to add Python programmability to it, our team can do the porting. Porting of the Zerynth Virtual Machine on different boards is a daily activity for us. Our team is ready for your customization demands. So, send us a message through the contact form, and explain what you need.

Moreover, if your custom board is based on the ESP32 microcontroller, you can do the porting yourself. This article, on creating a custom Zerynth Virtual Machine explains it all. We don’t want to give away to much, but the same will be possible for ARM microcontrollers in the near future.

So, your custom board will be Python programmable, with Zerynth features, and it will readily and easily connect with top Cloud infrastructures. Your customer can use Zerynth Studio and install a Zerynth Virtual Machine when they need to program your board. Once a Zerynth Account in Zerynth Studio is created, your users will receive a free “Welcome” pack of 10 Zerynth VM Licenses with FreeRTOS (5 “Starter” and 5 “Premium”) to use on any of the supported boards. Since Zerynth Virtual Machines are licensed for the specific microcontroller’s unique chip ID, if your customers need to program more then 10 boards, they need to buy more Zerynth VM from the store.

As seen before, some boards already include a specific Zerynth VM license (Aka: devices “Powered by Zerynth”) so that your users don’t have to care about Zerynth VM Licenses.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Hardware independence with Zerynth Virtual Machine

Let’s explain all this in more detail. Zerynth Virtual Machine can be installed on any of the 32-bit microcontrollers we support (and that is a substantial list).

You can purchase additional Zerynth Virtual Machine licenses to program a new prototyping board or to flash a series of devices ready for production.

But what exactly is Zerynth Virtual Machine?

It’s a multithreaded Real-Time OS that provides real hardware independence, allowing code reuse on a wide range of 32-bit microcontrollers, in just 60-80kB of Flash and 3-5kB of RAM.

Zerynth VM is the first virtual machine that’s specifically tailored for C/Python programming in IoT and embedded. And like we said above, it is hardware independent. This feature is highly beneficial to product designers – it reduces the time to market since they don’t have to re-write the code when they switch from prototyping to production.

The same is true for embedded producers, the hardware independence speeds up the adoption of new embedded hardware and opens to the huge community of Python programmers.

Getting started with Zerynth

With a bit of practice, you can start creating your own Python solutions. Just download Zerynth Studio and start. It’s free and available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

And if you need a place to start, we recommend visiting the Zerynth Academy. It’s full of useful tutorials for all knowledge levels.

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