Our partner, Riverdi, has just published a detailed demo that teaches you how to make a Zerynth-powered two-factor authentication system with speaker verification. It sounds a bit complicated, but in reality, it’ll show you how simple it is to make such a security system with Zerynth Studio, a Riverdi IoT display and Fortebit’s EasyVR 3 Plus board.

It’s a room access control system, where you need to enter a PIN code, followed by a unique voice command.

Here is what they had to say about Zerynth tools in the demo:

“Zerynth – a programming environment that allows you to quickly, easily and conveniently create Python software (with the option of implementing functions in C) on the most popular embedded systems. A large number of supported hardware platforms (including Riverdi IoT Display inclusive) and ready-made software libraries (including a library that facilitates the operation of the EasyVR module) will significantly accelerate and facilitate the preparation stage of the target access module software.”

If you want to see how the demo looks in action, check out this video:

Of course, the whole demo is made easier by the fact that all Riverdi IoT displays already have a pre-loaded Zerynth license onboard.

Download Zerynth Studio

Download Zerynth Studio today, if you want to recreate this demo at home, and to start programming 32-bit microcontrollers in Python. Zerynth Studio is free to download, easy to install, and available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

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