Luigi Cerfeda, Sales Manager at Zerynth, will be presenting at the webinar hosted by Lucense “Industry 4.0 – Advantages of monitoring and automating industrial machines, both existing and new equipment” on March 11. You will learn how to bring your company into the Industry 4.0 age, what are the benefits, and what are the economic incentives.

The webinar will take place on Thursday, March 11th from 11:00 am to 12:45 pm CET and it will be in Italian. Reserve your seat today, register here!

The webinar will be focused on the following topics:

  • The goals and benefits of automated monitoring.
  • Hardware technologies for data acquisition, not only from new machinery and factories but also from pre-existing ones.
  • Software solutions for monitoring, analysis, and integration of data with other information systems.

4ZeroBox: versatile data acquisition unit designed for both old and modern machines

Luigi will present at 11:25 am CET how the 4ZeroBox can help your company transform and digitalize industrial machines and equipment.

Perhaps now you’re thinking “What is the 4ZeroBox?”

Let us give you a short explanation.

The 4ZeroBox is a versatile data acquisition unit, that can be implemented in both old and modern machinery, as a machine-to-cloud interface. Over the years, it has helped numerous companies to transform their machinery and to innovate their products. If you would like to learn more, take a look at the case study page.

Monitoring and remote management of machines

How could remote monitoring and management of machines be useful for companies? How could it improve the workflow? Cut costs? Save time?

Let’s take a look at what the situation looks like without remote management.

Just remember, in the past, servicing an industrial machine would be a long process of checking the whole system and searching for the malfunction. These kinds of costly on-site visits would not guarantee that the machine would be fixed that day or that week. Furthermore, once the problem is found, there is the matter of ordering new parts, and arranging for technicians to come on-site again.

So, with monitoring and remote management of machines, all of this remains in the past. Now, thanks to industry 4.0 technology such as the 4ZeroBox and the Zerynth Device Manager, you can get the data about the machine from anywhere, see how it’s performing, see if some parts need replacements, and order spare parts in advance.

This way, companies can cut their maintenance costs severely, improve their production cycles, and save time.

More about Lucense

Lucense is a research organization that carries out industrial research, experimental development, technology transfer, and dissemination activities. Established in 1984 in Lucca, over the years the operational scope of Lucense has progressively expanded to the whole of Italy.

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