We’re happy to announce the release of the patch p03 for Zerynth version r2.2.0.

This time, the patch introduces 2 new devices, 7 new libraries, several updates, and minor fixes:

  • support for Cypress PSoC6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit (login as DesignSpark user needed!), Murata LBEE5KL1DX WiFi chip and CapSense widgets included, more info (1)(2)(3);
  • support for STM32F4 Discovery, more info (1);
  • support for Quectel UG96, BG96, and L76 modules, with UMTS/HSPA, LTE Cat M1/Cat NB1/EGPRS, and GNSS capabilities respectively, more info (1)(2);
  • support for Maxim MAX11644 I2C 12-bit ADC, more info (1);
  • support for Modbus protocol over TCP and Serial channels, more info (1) (2).

NOTE: To get access to the Zerynth Virtual Machine for the Cypress PSoC6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit and STM32F4 Discovery you have to use your DesignSpark account to login into Zerynth Studio. In the next 6 months, this feature is exclusive for DesignSpark users.

To update you just have to:

  1. Open Zerynth Studio
  2. Click “Rolling Update
  3. And finally, click “Update”, restart Zerynth Studio and enjoy!

Remember to create updated virtual machines and virtualize all boards with the new ones.

As usual, please keep us informed about any issue regarding this update.

Happy coding!

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About the Author: Lana Vukovic

Lana is a Classics graduate who got bored of ancient Greek and Roman texts and got into new technology instead.

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