Embarcados, one of the largest embedded and IoT portals in the world, just featured Zerynth Studio.

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Embarcados – a knowledge base for the embedded

Embarcados was started in 2007, with a goal of forming a large knowledge base about the embedded, that would be accessible to everyone. Twelve years later it’s one of the largest embedded portals out there.

But what do they have to say about Zerynth?

Well, a lot of great things. For example, here’s what they had to say about our documentation:

“The documentation is another strong point: rich, detailed, and also provides learning Python for those who are inexperienced. They also have tutorials on how to install and start a project from scratch for any hardware.”

Through the article, they list all the Zerynth features and advantages. The wide variety of supported devices, the small footprint (Zerynth requires only 60 to 80KB of Flash memory and 3 to 5kB of RAM), the libraries, and more.

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There are lots of interesting and informational articles on the Embarcados blog, so make sure you check them out if you’re good at Portuguese.

Download Zerynth Studio

So, now that you’ve read the post, go ahead and download Zerynth Studio. It’s free to download and easy to install, and available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

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