Last week we went to the Microchip MASTERs conference in Berlin. As always the MASTERs were an excellent opportunity for embedded engineers around the world to learn from the industry experts.

The conference lasted from the 11th until the 13th of September, and the Zerynth team was there to show all the newest and coolest ways to program microcontrollers in Python.

Security in IoT

In the image we tweeted from the conference on September 11th, you can see Giacomo Baldi, our CTO, explaining how to make secure IoT applications in Python. One thing is for sure, that topic was popular. To learn more about the demo he is showing in the image, read our tutorial on Microchip’s Zero Touch Secure Provisioning for AWS IoT using Python.

It’s no wonder that Microchip listed us as a Trusted IoT Platform Partner.

If you visit us in Pisa in October, for the Things Conference on Tour you’ll get a chance to listen to talks from Giacomo and other industry experts. To learn more about the conference and to see the whole agenda, visit the official page.

We had a lot of fun, and we hope that everyone who visited the booth did, too. We talked about all our latest projects, showed people how easy it is to work with Zerynth Studio, and explained what exactly we do to those who heard about us for the first time.

Zerynth event calendar

You can keep track of all the conferences, workshops and event by reading the Zerynth event calendar. For example, your next chance to see the Zerynth team is the Manifatture Aperte on September 29th.

And right after that, it’s the Things Conference on Tour in Pisa, and we’re the hosts. So, if you haven’t already bought your tickets, do it today, and book your place for all the amazing workshops we have planned.

The conference will take place on October 11th, at the GATE Centre, where our R&D offices are, so you’ll get a chance to meet the whole team.

The Things Conference on Tour Pisa Italy

Let’s have fun in Pisa together!

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