Would you like to learn how to connect industrial machines and easily extract production data for Industry 4.0 applications?

You can learn everything from the new workshop that we have prepared. The workshop is designed to enable operators, engineers, and system integrators to optimize and improve industrial processes with IoT.

It is exclusively available on RS Components.

This is what the Zerynth Chief Innovation Office, Daniele Mazzei had to say about the workshop, during an interview with DesignSpark:

I think in the future, if we really want to invest in Industry 4.0 we need to also raise the level of knowledge and competence on this topic. So, mainly the workshop is for people who already work in the industry and in companies, and they want to evolve to Industry 4.0. They want to do it on their own, with their internal procedure. And they can buy our hardware and have all the necessary elements (hardware and knowledge) for driving their own innovation process. But freelancers can also be interested in this, and education, in let’s say bachelor programs at the university, where we have more technical oriented courses.

The workshop

In the beginning, the workshop discusses the basics of Industrial IoT, and the basics of IoT application infrastructure. We explain how to connect both legacy and current modern machines to IoT infrastructures, and allow the participants to get valuable insights.

But, it’s not all just theoretical knowledge you will learn here. The workshop also offers lots of hands-on experience on how to get data from industrial machines. You will also learn how to send this data to the Cloud, and how to monitor data in real-time.

The workshop contains 16 video lectures – each one dedicated to a different aspect of integrating and using Industry 4.0 machinery.

In short, this workshop is the best way to become an expert in edge computing and data collection in Industry 4.0.

You can learn more about it on this page.

Workshop tools and materials

All participants will receive the following materials:

  • 4ZeroBox – Industrial IoT device for data acquisition, monitoring, and control of industrial machines.
  • Current clamp sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Reed switch
  • RS485 to USB interface

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