Industrial refrigeration, the sector gets smarter: it optimizes processes and increases energy efficiency

April 22, 2022

A 60% increase in installations of temperature monitoring systems, a 20% cut in system downtime and a reduction in maintenance and energy costs up to 20%: thanks to IoT solutions from Zerynth, Baglioni – a company active in installation, maintenance and commercialization of air refrigeration systems – optimizes their processes and increases energy efficiency.

From facilities that offer food services to stores that sell dairy products, to food warehouses and restaurants: most companies operating in commercial refrigeration face the need for a real-time temperature monitoring system and process efficiency .

Precisely with this objective, Baglioni – a company active in the installation, maintenance and marketing of refrigeration, air conditioning and air treatment systems – has chosen the IoT solution from Zerynth, which has as its mission precisely that of supporting companies in digitizing their industrial processes and developing connected and innovative products. IoT solutions have enabled the company, in less than six months, to increase installations of temperature monitoring systems by 60%, record a 20% decrease in system downtime and reduce maintenance and energy costs by 20%. 

Baglioni, in particular, needed to reduce their costs of scheduled maintenance and remotely monitor their refrigeration systems and energy consumption of their products, as well as improve efficiency in its systems and optimize the food quality in their warehouses in accordance with HACCP procedures.

To meet these needs, the Zerynth team developed, for Baglioni, Wi-Ref – an IoT solution designed to track refrigeration monitoring in real time. By controlling temperature and humidity parameters, the latter alerts the system when the values are too low or too high, thereby. keeping perishable foods fresh and safe.

The solution, which can monitor both new and old generation industrial refrigeration systems, is built on an industrial type control unit and on the Zerynth IoT module (ZM1), connected directly to the cloud through the Zerynth Device Manager. This can be easily installed in existing industrial environments without the need for invasive interventions or replacement of components. Furthermore, the only product on the market, Wi-Ref, includes a data analysis tool designed for continuous monitoring of the energy yield (COP and EER) of the refrigeration systems. The data analysis and control, over time, allows constant improvement in the energy performance of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, which allows you to analyze and send data to the cloud, and ensure complete and secure remote management, as well as automatically generating reports periodically and sending alerts in real time.

“The solution developed by Zerynth has helped us diversify our business strategy, increase customer loyalty and open up new business opportunities. Thanks to the exponential growth of Industry 4.0 technologies and the need to comply with increasingly stringent regulations, Zerynth’s IoT system will become a crucial application in the years to come that will allow us to accelerate our digital transformation “, explains Emiliano Baglioni, Director Baglioni Srl technician. “What has positively impressed me about Zerynth is the rapid implementation and experience of the team, which allowed us to successfully meet our requirements. We are now able to analyze the energy efficiency of our refrigeration systems in real time, easily and economically. “

About Zerynth

Zerynth helps companies easily get their industrial processes digitized and bring innovative connected products to the world. The Zerynth IoT Platform is a full set of hardware-software tools designed by IoT experts to enable digital transformation in a fast, flexible, and secure way. 

Founded in 2015, Zerynth has grown steadily. Today Zerynth has 35+ team members with deep IoT expertise and industry knowledge with over 100 customers across many industries. Headquartered in Italy, Zerynth provides support globally thanks to an extensive network of partners in Europe and pan-global locations.

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