The waste sector becomes smart: with Zerynth’s IoT Platform, Scapigliato optimizes processes and reduces its environmental impact

February 16, 2022

Thanks to Zerynth’s IoT solutions, Scapigliato – a Tuscan company that deals with the management of waste treatment and disposal – optimizes processes and minimizes its environmental impact.

Production of special waste in Italy is up by 3.3%, exceeding 143 million tons: specifically, waste treatment and remediation activities account for 26.5% (over 38 million tons). * Monitoring and reducing environmental impact is therefore one of the greatest challenges that many companies face.

The main obstacles, from a production viewpoint, are a lack of planning of the consumption models used, which do not guarantee a balance between actual production and waste production, with the consequences of excess waste. Precisely for this reason, more and more companies are adopting innovative systems capable of making their processes more efficient, for example by automating the monitoring of leachate and biogas levels produced.

To address these issues, using IoT platforms is one of the most innovative and avant-garde solutions to have happened in recent years: a 4.0 transformation process that does not only involve companies that deal with waste collection and treatment, but also those who work in the management of collection centers and landfills.

The importance of these solutions is well demonstrated by Scapigliato, a Tuscan company that deals with the management of treatment plants and waste disposal: Because of the IoT platform from Ita Zerynth, active in the digitization of industrial processes and in the development of connected and innovative products, Scapigliato managed to streamline their processes and improve data acquisition and management activities, as well as reduce operating costs and monitoring time.

The company, in particular, needed, on the one hand, to implement a more sophisticated process for the management of daily records of leachate levels in landfill wells, and, on the other hand, to monitor the collection of biogas.

Thanks to the IoT solutions provided by Zerynth, Scapigliato can monitor 32 leachate extraction wells, without the need of a WiFi connection, automatically recording the leachate levels, as well as being able to remotely monitor the status of their pumps, and report scheduled maintenance interventions. Furthermore, the company is now able to constantly monitor the amount of biogas produced by the landfill.

“The solution implemented by Zerynth was fundamental not only for the productivity of our company but also for the concrete development of the digitization processes of these activities,” says Leonello Trivelli, Head of Innovation and Strategic Projects at Scapigliato. “Thanks to the possibility of integrating new hardware and software technologies, Zerynth systems have allowed us in a short time to improve the efficiency and the monitoring and control process of the leachate management and biogas collection system, optimizing the performance of both sectors “.

*Notes for the press

Rapporto Rifiuti Speciali ISPRA, 2020

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