Industry 4.0 Challenges:
Empower artificial intelligence and Internet of Things

Today artificial intelligence (AI) plays a huge role in strengthening and transforming industries around the world. It is planned that the global AI market will reach a $190.61 billion market value in 2025.

Responding to new challenges, entrepreneurs and scientists unite their powers and look for the best solutions on how to empower AI in different industries.

If you are interested in the latest technologies of Industry 4.0 – watch this on-demand webinar where experts discuss the biggest challenges that companies face and the most suitable technologies for solving them.

The webinar is hosted in partnership with the University of Pisa and the Planet4 project.


  • Industrial IoT meaning and purpose – Fundamental components of IoT solution
  • Digital Twin, retrofitting vs digital connection with modern machines
  • Machine Learning and AI for Industry 4.0: AIoT
  • Planet4 Taxonomy of Industry 4.0 needs and solutions
  • How Zerynth guarantees data reliability on IoT devices
  • Taxonomy in action: Solving industry 4.0 challenges